Apex Mills


  • “Apex Mills is definitely our favorite manufacturer. They are more flexible and more customer service oriented than others.”
  • “Apex Mills is the first in trust. They are a very good company to work with.”
  • “Apex Mills is a consistent, reliable supplier, day in and day out. They will give you the product and service on small run basis.”
  • “Apex is one of my favorite suppliers. They refuse to play games in this cut-throat industry. At the same time, they are nice people who are very honest.”
  • “They are willing to modify their production to fit my needs. We go up and down quite a bit and they are very responsive and flexible.”
  • “They have fantastic customer service people. They are willing to go the extra mile.”
  • “We worked together to re-design the fabric for a particular case and together, solved the problem.”
  • “They have a strong knowledge of the textile business especially when engineering products to solve problems.”
  • "I turn to them when I am looking for unique solutions. They are experts in the textile industry."
  • "Apex Mills is very knowledgeable, honest and open to trying new things. I told them the functionality of the material I needed and they came up with a solution that was exactly what I needed."
  • "They have developed brand new products for us. They made a breakthrough product that answered one of our customer's needs perfectly. I feel that when working with Apex Mills, anything is possible. They're very innovative."
  • "Apex's products are superior. In China, they seek to maximize manufacturing efficiencies and inspect the defects out. We are always satisfied with what we are getting and when from Apex."

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