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Textiles and the Role They Play in Safety

Textiles surround our daily lives – from something as simple as an article of clothing to an object as in depth as the parts that make up the laptop you’re reading this on.

Maintaining a safe work environment is critical to the manufacturing industry, and our focus today is on the prominent role textiles play in safety. Continue reading

Today’s Office Furniture: A Vital Piece of the Productivity Puzzle

Office furniture is a booming industry; it’s the perfect combination of technology, innovation, aesthetics, and ergonomics, and on a daily basis, millions of people rely on the incredible products being made.

After all, we spend almost 2,000 hours in our offices each year. These are the places where ideas are born, innovation is fostered, and concepts become realities. Continue reading

Having some Fun with Fabrics

From agriculture to zoology and everything in between, fabrics are used in innovative ways to enhance performance and solve problems that many manufacturers face.  In fact, textiles are used in ways you might never consider – they’re used in toothbrushes, hair brushes, book bindings, candle wicks, communication lines, circuit boards and a host of other products you most likely use daily.  Continue reading

Medical Advances Spur Innovation in Textile Manufacturing

As medical procedures continue to advance and innovations are made to improve health care and recovery, manufacturers are pushed to come up with innovations of their own to support these developments. Every year, game-changing technologies are assessed that will have an impact on health care,1  and many of these require other industries to come up with new materials, processes, and ideas to turn them into reality.

The medical field requires specifications above and beyond other industries. Many new materials not only require strength, flexibility and durability, but they also need anti-microbial properties, be non-abrasive, and much more. These specifications can make textile development challenging, but we always like a challenge. Continue reading

Looking Back, Moving Forward – Growth and Success in 2014 and Beyond

The holiday season and New Year are a great time to look back and be thankful for past accomplishments, while looking forward toward future goals and success.

It’s also an especially good time to say thank you to all of those who’ve been an important part of the past year; we’d like to thank our customers for their continued loyalty, and thank everyone who’s read our blog and followed us throughout the year.

One of the things we’re so grateful for is having the opportunity to work with customers in so many diversified industries. This enables us to keep our customers competitive while creating breakthrough products that help great businesses grow. Continue reading

The Thrill of the Game, the Agony of Injuries

Hey football fans, the time of year you’ve been waiting for is now. Regardless of whether it’s a high school, college or professional team you’re rooting for, there’s one aspect of the game that reaches all levels: the increased incidence of on-field injuries, especially head injuries and concussions, and the updates regarding their long-term effects on the players. As we hear more about these accidents, more attention is being given to the players’ safety and how injuries could be prevented, specifically by evaluating their protective helmets. Continue reading

Protecting America’s Crops – Safely and Effectively

From beets to beans, peppers to pumpkins, farms across the country are enjoying the arrival of fall crops.

For some crops, the fall yield is by far the most important. In fact, according to the USDA, the fall potato crop comprises about 90% of the total potato production in the country.[1]  In general, American farmers are responsible for producing approximately $143 billion worth of crops each year[2]—a staggering number that’s of utmost importance to the country’s economy, the economy of the agricultural industry and to the individual farmers.  Continue reading

Adding “Green” To Textile Manufacturing

What makes a product “green”?

More than the color, which is optional, it’s all about the process used to create it, its environmental impact and what happens after its lifespan.

As awareness continues to grow regarding the importance of preserving the environment, businesses are adopting eco-friendly processes and creating sustainable products, which is why we are seeing a surge in research and development, across the globe, on different fibers and renewable raw materials to incorporate into textile production. (Many textile manufacturers are adopting tactics such as using vegetable dyes or recycled plastic for yarn in addition to cutting down on water waste.)

Continue reading