Antimicrobial Technologies Used in Textiles Across Industries


Antimicrobial technologies have elevated the functionality of textiles in many industries. In the recent article “Protection from an Unseen Foe,” written by William C. Smith for Advanced Textiles Source, the discussion of the role of antimicrobials in the textile industry comes to life by illustrating the various uses the technology has in the healthcare, military and apparel industries.

Antimicrobials block or debilitate the growth of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi, which translates to important tasks such as making an orthopedic sling more resistant to dirt and bacteria or keeping a solider dryer in his uniform. Alternatively, there also exists the everyday practicality of antimicrobials inhibiting odor-causing bacteria, necessary in such items as workout apparel.

Apex Mills has used antimicrobials in several of our textiles to create successful solutions for our clients, including our DryRun fabric, which is the fabric of choice for the United States Armed Forces physical training uniforms. This technology will continue to grow in the textile industry, and we look forward to incorporating it further into our client solutions.

We recommend reading Mr. Smith’s article, which can be found here.