As Textiles Evolve (so do we)

Whether it’s an industrial knit for your car seat, a medical grade mesh used in orthopedic devices, or a specially treated spacer fabric in your running shoe to cushion and cool your foot, for the past 70 years, Apex Mills has been working with customers to deliver textile solutions for their most complex challenges.

In 1943, Apex Mills opened its doors to provide fabric to the apparel and bridal industries. Since then, our business has evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We noticed an increase in both traditional and non-traditional fabric applications, so we ramped up our R&D and manufacturing capabilities and grew into a leading manufacturer and supplier of warp knit fabrics for industrial applications. As the industry continues to become more “digital friendly” and tech-savvy, our commitment to remain at the forefront brings us here. We felt boosting our online presence and employing new ways for outreach and dialogue was an important step for our business, as well as an expectation from our customers and prospects.

We believe our strongest partnerships are those that are built on open communication and trust, and we are committed, through this blog and other digital channels, to share the industry knowledge we have gathered over the past 70 years with our followers and readers.

For those of you who are new to Apex Mills, there are three design goals for our products —engineered, innovative, performance. To us, engineering is about collaboration and precision. It’s the process of turning the customer’s exact problem into our own challenge, then working quickly to create a precise solution.

Innovation, is not simply dreaming up new ideas, but rather it’s the ability to transform new ideas into actual products. At Apex Mills, we don’t dream up new products and limit our customers to them. We listen to the challenges then collaborate to develop what’s needed.

Finally, performance is the ultimate goal for our textiles. Customers use our products in mission critical situations and must have confidence that the fabrics will perform to the standards they’ve established. We make it our business to consistently deliver on these standards. These principles form the foundation of our strategy and enable us to serve our customers in the most efficient way.

Our mesh, netting, spacer, and solid knit solutions are used across industries, including automotive and transportation; footwear and apparel; military and government; recreation and safety and medical and orthopedic. Read our case studies to see how textiles are used for unique applications, and if you’re looking for more information on our offerings, give us a call at 1-800-989-APEX or visit us at www.apexmills.com.

So, for those long-time customers and those of you just joining Apex Mills, we welcome you to our blog and look forward to sharing textile innovations and upcoming trends with you. We encourage you to subscribe to get updates directly to your inbox and check out our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.