Manufacturing That’s Made in USA

As we celebrate America’s 238th birthday on July 4, it’s the perfect opportunity to express patriotism, reflect on our nation’s growth and discuss the importance of supporting U.S. manufacturing.

For decades, industry has followed a trend to reduce costs by outsourcing production and jobs overseas, which at the time was very effective. Today, as production becomes more customized, along with a renewed focus on quality and regulatory specifications, the idea of outsourcing has seen a complete about face.

When combined with a number of critical factors including the high cost of shipping, unstable fuel prices, weather delays, global political uncertainty, and environmentally, the carbon footprint international production leaves behind, it is becoming clear that manufacturing in America is looking more and more financially attractive as well as beneficial in supporting our country’s economic growth. Because of this, more companies are shifting production back to the United States and are adopting the “Made in America” mark, making it possible to closely monitor quality, costs and response time.

Many of our customers tell us that after years of dealing with foreign distributors they truly value the ability to have a face-to-face relationship. When you work with domestic manufacturers, we are there to listen to your problems and quickly make suggestions. It also helps that turnaround times are quicker and shipping costs are lower.

These are all great reasons to bring production back to the U.S., but perhaps the best part of a product that’s “Made in America”is our ability to oversee quality and quickly respond to unforeseen issues that is impossible to get from other markets. Apex Mills hasn’t survived the last 70 years by ignoring our bottom line, yet, at the same time, we’ve recognized that you do not just thrive on profit. In the end, it comes down to three things: a focus on quality, exceptional service, and a strong bond with your customers.

We’re proud to say that we are “Made in America” through and through. For more information, check out the About tab.

Happy 4th of July from everyone at Apex Mills!