Today’s Office Furniture: A Vital Piece of the Productivity Puzzle

Office furniture is a booming industry; it’s the perfect combination of technology, innovation, aesthetics, and ergonomics, and on a daily basis, millions of people rely on the incredible products being made.

After all, we spend almost 2,000 hours in our offices each year. These are the places where ideas are born, innovation is fostered, and concepts become realities. For these reasons, office furniture and design is getting a lot of attention. As more scrutiny has been placed on workplace culture, as well as health and safety in the office, companies have increasingly focused on ergonomically designed chairs, desks that allow people to work productively while standing, and flexible workstations that foster collaboration and communication.

Articles like this one point out that your business’s corporate identity, and the first impression you make, is often rooted in the look and feel of your office. The writer suggests you “take a step back and make sure your office design is worthy of [clients’] time and money.”

Designers, architects, and furniture manufacturers spend countless hours discussing and reimagining the role of office furniture. Today’s notable workplace trends  place greater importance on office lighting, acoustics, meeting spaces, and design, all of which can affect productivity.

Another significant factor—one designers, manufacturers, and workers are taking exceptional notice of—are the fabrics used, and the way they’re being incorporated into furniture design. There are many new technological developments within the textile industry that improve a chair’s ergonomic performance. New office furniture surface materials add durability, comfort and functionality that support the user, which is considered a major boost to productivity. Fabrics such as 3D spacers are innovative solutions that meet the needs of today’s office environments while exceeding the expectations of office workers. And that’s just the beginning.

In this vein, one of the latest trends is using fabric that is, in itself, supportive, so that the chair no longer needs a spine or other supporting elements. By incorporating these pioneering fabrics, the advantages are numerous. Imagine the possibilities when the fabric offers physical support and can actually improve posture, while simultaneously adding aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a contemporary look, retro vibe or traditional setting, fabrics serve to change the entire look and feel of the space, while increasing the comfort and efficiency of employees.

The office of the future is here today, and it breeds innovation, performance and creativity. The furniture and fabrics within it are what help inspire and nurture these qualities.

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