With the Change in Season, Remember the Dangers of Salt & Sand on Your Car

As temperatures rise and the sun warms the air, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.  After all, for many parts of the country, it was an especially brutal winter.  Now that the snow has melted and we’re heading out to the beach, we must remember the residual effects that both extremes have not only on our bodies, but also our cars. 

The same salt and sand that make roads safer, also work its way into your vehicle’s body and undercarriage, layering itself on all surfaces and cramming into the nooks and crannies.  So what happens when salt and sand sit on your car?  When moisture (snow and rain) meets oxygen, rust forms on metal.  Add salt into the mix and rust and corrosion are accelerated.

That’s why it’s important to protect your car and remove any potential threat of damage before it’s too late. Remember: just because you’ve gotten your car washed and it seems clean, doesn’t mean there aren’t remnants still lurking in those cracks and crevices.

The best way to remove residue from all areas of the car—especially those hard-to-reach spots—is with a soft, high-quality automotive cleaning cloth. The construction of a solid knit textile cloth allows it to completely cover the surface you’re wiping, removing all salt, sand and dirt thoroughly, but gently.

We advise opening car doors, hoods, and trunks, to get into the seams. Also, pay attention to lower areas that were closely exposed to road elements, including wheel wells and behind fenders. Once the car is completely clean, it’s a good idea to get your vehicle waxed, creating an additional layer of protection.

Finally, if you’re driving your newly-clean car to the beach (and who can blame you?), remember that the salty sea air and sand can also affect your car, so treat it to a good post-beach cleaning and wipe it down with a specially treated automotive cloth to remove dust and maintain the car’s luster.

Then, relax and enjoy the warm weather and sunshine because you’ve earned it!

Check out our website for an example of a custom, automotive cleaning cloth solution and please feel free to contact us with questions or to learn more about what kind of quality cloths we can make for you.  Apex Mills: Problem Shared. Problem Solved.