Textiles and the Role They Play in Safety

Textiles surround our daily lives – from something as simple as an article of clothing to an object as in depth as the parts that make up the laptop you’re reading this on.

Maintaining a safe work environment is critical to the manufacturing industry, and our focus today is on the prominent role textiles play in safety. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, injuries are the leading cause of disability for all ages.  However, often times disability and death are preventable with proper safety precautions.

Whether in the workplace, at home, or within our communities, we can all reduce the occurrence of avoidable accidents by actively demonstrating safety practices.  At Apex Mills, we incorporate safety procedures from manufacturing to delivery and engineer our fabrics so that they enhance safety for our buyers and their ultimate consumers.  Here are some ways that textiles help to keep us safe.

> Construction and Manufacturing Sites:  Construction and manufacturing workers face some of the greatest injury risks on a daily basis.  Fire retardant fabrics help prevent injury or death when working within areas in danger of fire or flames.  Additionally, impenetrable, tear resistant fabrics, such as Kevlar, protect the skin and eliminate other hazards posed by harsh chemicals and sharp edges.

> Swimming and Boating:  As we enjoy the summer, swimming and boating are two great ways to beat the heat, but pose potential danger.  Quality life jackets can prevent drowning at swimming pools, lakes, camps, and more.  Apex Mills offers a wide variety of mesh netting in various shapes and sizes, making the life jackets that protect you and your family lightweight and easily dryable.  Read more about the textiles we use when customizing safety vests here.

> Office Furniture:  Another area of importance is ergonomics in the office.  Many office workers spend the majority of the day in chairs, which can lead to back, spine, leg pain or other injuries.  Our 3D spacer fabrics offer durability, breathability and stability, increasing comfort in contract furniture.  Today’s textiles can be used to improve ergonomic performance, boosting safety and comfort, and ultimately lead to increased productivity at work.

> Sports:  Whether on the high school, college or professional level, or just another friendly backyard game, football injuries are all too common and too often very serious.  Helmets are a necessity to assure safety.  They, too, can be constructed with 3D spacer fabrics to provide greater levels of cushioning and comfort, enhancing safety while making the game that much more enjoyable for those involved.

> Camping, Biking, and Hiking:  Outdoor activities are a favorite summer pastime, but after sunset the risks increase.  It is especially important for those on dark roads and paths to remain visible.  One of the best ways to achieve visibility is through the use of bright, reflective safety garments.  These types of clothing keep visibility at a maximum and ensure the outdoors stay pleasant and safe.  You can see some of our vibrant options by visiting our textile gallery.

This is just a sampling of the many ways in which fabrics and textiles can directly increase safety with minimal effort involved.  At Apex Mills, we custom manufacture high-quality safety fabrics in hopes of increasing safety in your daily life.

For further questions on our textiles, custom designs, or taking proper precautions with your work environment, family, or personal safety, give us a call at 1-800-989-2739.  We look forward to helping you with your general and safety needs!