As Construction Rises, Fabrics are the Building Blocks for Safety

Major industries that experienced significant slow-down during the recession are now poised for growth and expansion.  In fact, all signs point to a better economy and industrial growth.

This is especially true of the construction industry.  According to the 2015 Dodge Construction Outlook, commercial building will increase 15%, industrial building will advance 9%, and single family housing will also rise 15% in dollars spent.  A new report on the global construction industry shows a “regained growth momentum,” and predicts the market will be worth $8.5 trillion this year.

So what does that mean for the industry right now?  This year, with the economy showing improvement, we can expect the industry to thrive.  Throughout the country, more projects have begun and current projects are continuing to progress.  And one thing is certain: as more construction workers are put to work and take on difficult jobs, it’s imperative that they are kept out of harm’s way.

As we mentioned in last month’s blog, safety vests are an important tool to the trade.  Using bright fabric colors are critical way to be seen and stay noticed, but another safety hazard workers should be aware of is overheating.

You may not know this, but certain fabrics present negative effects.  We encountered a customer that came to us complaining about the current material in their safety uniforms.  The fabric was heavy, and held moisture and odor close to the body.  The material preserved bacteria caused from perspiration and made the workers not only uncomfortable, but prone to increased health risks.

Apex Mills provides textiles that steer you away from these problems.  One hundred percent polyester mesh fabrics that feature antimicrobial and moisture management properties allow breathability.  Choosing a spacer fabric with the same finishes adds a protective cushion when needed in the work environment.  Our knits are used as linings for vests, jackets, pockets, gloves, helmets and more to keep sweat away from the body.  The same applies for shoes.  Warp knits provide comfort and support to get you through your day, and these added benefits (reduced sweat and comfort) can easily lead to increased productivity on construction sites.

When construction workers are protected, the entire industry can continue on a road to success, benefiting both our immediate industry and the industries of those around us.

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