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Innovation is not simply dreaming up new ideas. It’s in the ability to transform new ideas into actual products. Apex Mills is asked to truly innovate all the time. A customer contacted Apex Mills with the idea of treating wastewater using a fabric that allowed water-purifying bacteria to multiply in quantities that could eat the impurities from the water. Apex Mills engineers fully evaluated the problem and implemented a highly unconventional manner of knitting that produced a fabric with large loops and a uniquely textured surface to accelerate bacteria growth. After much research and testing, Apex Mills delivered the textile solution, which today is patented and widely used in the treatment of wastewater. [+][-] Apex Mills innovates across industries. A medical company approached us with the challenge of improving a patient feeding device, which allowed lubricating liquid to seep through to the throats of incapacitated or unconscious patients enabling a less irritating delivery of the nutrition. Our engineers created a quarter-inch diameter, fine mesh tube solution which met the challenge and satisfied FDA requirements. The existing lining fabric in the IOTV vest worn by U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan caused discomfort, skin abrasions and rashes. Drawing upon our deep pool of knowledge and experience, Apex Mills created a smooth comfortable mesh that promoted air circulation-and weighed an ounce lighter per linear yard than the previous liner. Apex Mills doesn't dream up new products and limit our customers to them. We listen to your challenges then collaborate to develop what you need. As soon as we understand your vision, that's when we start innovating.
  • Style: DNB145

    Weight: 8.10 +/-10%

    National Police Force


    A world renowned police force needed a performance fabric to be used as the lining in their military grade vests. The current fabric was heavy and retained moisture and odor, making it uncomfortable and unhealthy as it preserved bacteria caused from the moisture.



    As a leading specialist in manufacturing textiles that adhere to military specifications, Apex Mills was quick to jump into action. We were able to produce a 100% polyester spacer fabric featuring antimicrobial and permanent moisture management properties that perform six times faster than other moisture wicking fabrics.



    By incorporating this fabric into their lifesaving ballistic vest, our customer was able to produce a lightweight and comfortable vest with adjustable straps to ensure a proper fit and promote minimal shifting during wear. This vest became standard issue for the force and received accolades from those who brave the elements from arctic blasts to extreme heat to save the lives of others.

  • Style: DNB198A

    Design Goal:

    Weight: 8.0 +/- 10%

    Orthopedic Supplies

    Problem Shared

    A reputable company in the orthopedic industry wanted to produce a high-grade arm sling to increase comfort for the patient and enhance innate properties to the sling, for example make it less prone to absorb bacteria from sweat and dirt. As a US manufacturer, they sought a supplier with the same values they held and manufacturing facilities in the US.


    Problem Solved

    Analyzing the problem with the customer, Apex Mills’ fabric specialists developed a lightweight 3D spacer fabric with a textured polyester surface and an anti-microbial, moisture wicking backing.

    The unique yarn construction paired with the ability to use two different fabrics with a springy monofilament in-between, enabled our customer to achieve their objectives while keeping the cost of production down.


    Results Realized

    The new sling proved successful, yielding positive feedback from patients and orthopedic specialists alike. As a result of the accolades received, the sling has become an approved item by Medicare and Apex Mills is partnering with the customer in their product development planning. 

  • Style: DNB59

    Weight: 12.25 +/- 15%



    A global manufacturer of office furniture wanted a transparent, cushioned fabric that met the ergonomic and cosmetic needs of their newly fashioned seating solution.



    Upon partnering with the customer's product engineers and design team, we first gained a comprehensive understanding of their design goals. We then developed a 3-demensional fabric with the resiliency, stretch and sheerness that achieved each of our customer's goals. We developed a second component spacer fabric knit with clear yarn, which further enhanced the comfort, airflow and transparency of the chair, thereby exceeding our client's expectations



    Pleased with the fabric's performance and aesthetics, the company integrated the fabric into their product mix, showcasing its forward thinking design. Within months of bringing the product to market, it became one of the company's best-selling designs. 


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