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The City of New York’s water treatment facility was using a technology that was limiting the ability to remove nitrogen from waste water, a process which allows the water to return to streams and rivers.

Understanding that the effectiveness of the media was first and foremost dependant on the amount of bio-mass given opportunity to grow, we concluded that the fabric must at the same time balance a maximization of surface area and porosity for water flow. After several different designs were evaluated, we developed and created an innovative, highly fibrous fabric, exhibiting more surface area than any it had previously produced, that more effectively removed nitrogen from waste water.

Apex’s patented Bioweb system not only achieved the customer’s target effectiveness and was environmentally safe, but also offered the added benefit reducing the sludge bi-product. The Bioweb system addresses the needs of growing population centers. It can be installed in existing water processing facilities without the need for plant expansion.


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