Rebuilding After Disaster with Fabric Filters

Over the past weeks Texas, Florida and the Caribbean have been pummeled by massive storms that have devastated the areas. The wreckage continues with the earthquake in Mexico and the current path of destruction that Hurricane Maria is taking. Our hearts and support are extended to all those in need.
Amid the ongoing recovery, the clean-up and rebuilding begins. Teams of workers have been dispatched from across the nation to help with this effort. While power and other essential services are restored, and supplies delivered, assessments of the damage are made and construction begins.
As an American company, proud and honored to be embarking on its 75th year in business, Apex Mills has fabric to donate and the expertise to design fabric structures that support the rebuilding. During the BP oil spill, we developed a fabric to help remove oil from the saturated ocean. For damage control and safety, we worked with a company to develop a window curtain that prevents debris from flying inward in high threat areas. In flooded areas, where water moves towards drains and sewers, we designed fabric filters to prevent the fragments of rubble from clogging the path.
Over the past 75 years, Apex Mills has developed hundreds of fabric constructions for hundreds of different applications. Our consultative approach enables our customers to receive the right fabric solution for their projects. As a manufacturer of warp knit textiles serving the B2B community, we have helped companies grow and expand their product lines. We are here to help and invite you to contact us. We stand behind our motto: Apex Mills: Problem Shared. Problem Solved.

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