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Fight Malaria and Zika with Warp Knitted Nets by Apex Mills

Pests are a hazard and a nuisance, but did you know that, worldwide, mosquitoes claim close to a million lives each year? Swamp fever or malaria is a disease that results in death for both children and adults and is brought about by the female anopheles, a specific genus of mosquito known for transmitting the malaria virus. The Zika virus, which might prove to be fatal if it afflicts pregnant women, is also borne by mosquitoes. More than 33 nations have been plagued by Zika, and since its spread is relatively recent, the scientific community is struggling to come up with adequate prevention and cure.

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Pre-emptive action, however, can save lives. In the absence of any vaccine or medication that eliminates the susceptibility to malaria and Zika, the most prudent course of action is to apply insect repellent that includes DEET, wear light colored clothing that covers the body, and use an effective mosquito net when sleeping. The textile for these nets should have at minimum 156 holes per square inch, but we recommend that the mesh be made with upwards of 250 holes per square inch. This mesh count reduces the size of the holes in the net, keeping even smaller insects out while still allowing air to pass through comfortably. We also suggest using high strength multifilament polyester yarns so that repeated mosquito attacks do not result in tears and ingress points for the pests.

These are demanding requirements and warp knit mosquito nets are able to address each one. Since woven materials have a tendency to loosen oven time, allowing mosquitos to breach the barrier, warp knits are the preferred choice because of their consistency and durability. Additionally, Pyrethoid insecticides can be added to the fabric in the finishing process, further enhancing a fabric solution that can be both comfortable and a life saver.

In fact, these protective coverings have a proven track-record. They are capable of reducing the probability of malaria and the spread of Zika by over 60%.

As one of the leading producers of mesh and netting in the U.S., we have the capacity to vary the porosity of our textiles to meet specific standards. We can tighten loops and use elongation or elastomeric yarns to meet your specific needs. Our mesh netting fabrics come in an unlimited variety of shapes and sizes and although lightweight, are extraordinarily tough and tear resistant.

About Apex Mills:

Apex Mills is committed to delivering top-notch solutions across industry sectors – from the military and defense to agriculture and the industrial world. With our mill located in North Carolina, we are able to maintain strict control over the quality and production time for each of our products.

We use our machines and equipment to solve problems that require thorough research and experimentation. Apex Mills is capable of designing precise mesh nettings (as well as solid knits and 3D spacers) in a wide variety of shapes, designs and strengths and would be happy to work with you on your next revolutionary project. For more information, visit us at apexmills.com.

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