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Introducing The GYM DOME Lightweight. Breathable. Protective.

Lightweight, breathable, protective.

Introducing the Gym Dome – the newest face mask in our line-up. We’ve combined the most wanted features into one mask that can be worn comfortably all day, every day — while working out, running errands, or simply going about your day.

Integrated VirusGuard NanoScreenTM Defense—the latest in nanoengineering technology is fused into a 3-layer membrane to deliver superior filtration and airflow. Airborne particles as small as 0.1μ (microns) are blocked from passing through the mask.

Gym Dome Pro Face Mask Product Sheet

Comfortable, custom fit.

  • Fabric stays stitched to the mask, not in your mouth.
  • Dome shape promotes easy breathing and clear speaking.
  • Adjustable ear loops.
  • Nylon coated double wire nose stay bends to your desired fit and won’t poke through fabric.

All-day protection.

Outer Layer

3D spacer fabric retains our signature dome shape.

Middle Layer

Sewn-in filter engineered with BMT VirusGuard NanoScreen™ Defense Technology.

3-layer / 70 +/- 5 gsm / NanoScreen™ functional core laminated between 100% polyester fabric.

Inner Layer

Lightweight, soft liner made with UNIFI’s A.M.Y.® Sorbtek® yarn for permanent anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties.



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