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What if there was something you could do every single morning to improve your well-being? And what if that something was an action you already do each day? With wellness fabrics, the simple act of getting dressed in the morning can become a way to deliver self-care solutions and fortify your body for the day.

Welcome to the future of fabric.

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What Are Wellness Fabrics?

With technology beginning to revolutionize the clothing industry, it is predicted that 80% of textiles will become more technical in the coming years. Specifically, wellness textiles will gain increasing popularity as the desire to take self-care to the next level steadily grows. Wellness textiles are fabrics that incorporate modern technological methods to promote well-being through wearable items.

The goal of wellness fabrics is to release active ingredients that are absorbed by the skin and transported throughout the body for healing effects. The wellness fabric technology fuels the body with active substances, such as vitamin supplements or medications, for improved health.

Skin is the largest organ of the body, and as such, it is an ideal method of transportation for these helpful active ingredients. Once the wellness fabric’s active ingredients have been transferred through the skin, the substances can deliver the needed remedies. By making wearable items out of wellness textiles, people can easily reap the benefits of healthful compounds each time they get dressed, enhancing everyday life for those who take advantage of its health-boosting effects.

The Role of Wellness Fabrics in Society

When properly used, wellness fabrics and yarns have the capacity to greatly contribute to society and the overall well-being of its members. The potential benefits range from anti-aging to comfort-cooling and fitness-enhancing.

In addition to appearance or performance-improving properties, wellness textiles can offer medical advantages. With CBD-infused wellness fabrics, for instance, consumers can experience the medicinal benefits of CBD without having to apply lotion, vape, or ingest anything. Instead, the CBD-infused wellness fabric will slowly release the CBD directly onto their skin, whether through a wearable item or another textile product like bedsheets or a pillowcase.

As technical wellness textiles continue to evolve, future medical assets of wearable items could include health monitoring and interactive safety applications. For example, wellness fabrics could use biosensors to monitor heart and respiration rates or detect early warning signs of a harmful atmospheric state. Depending on an individual’s needs, they may be able to find a wellness fabric that assists them in receiving remedial substances or regulating certain conditions.

Wellness Properties

Wellness fabrics can serve many health-centered purposes, from comfort to prevention to repair. Here are some of the main components used to treat wellness textiles:

  • Allergen control technology:The use of antihistamines in wellness fabrics may be able to help reduce a person’s allergy symptoms. Allergen control technology can help provide a clean and healthy environment for those who suffer from seasonal or pet allergies.
  • Anti-bacterial: Engineering metallic components into fabrics may serve health and well-being purposes by protecting the body from harmful bacteria. For example, positively charged silver ions provide antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits while guarding against radiation. Currently, many fabrics and yarns contain anti-microbial properties such as PurThread and Unifi’s A.M.Y.
  • Thermoregulating compounds: Wellness fabrics can offer cooling comfort for improved performance and muscle health. Embedding thermoregulation materials into textiles, via advanced yarns such as Celliant, can help lower and maintain cool temperatures while keeping garments dry despite humid conditions.
  • Probiotics: Through delivering probiotics, technical wellness fabrics can provide multiple skin-related benefits, such as rejuvenation and moisturization, metabolism stabilization, and digestive balance.

How Wellness Properties Are Added to Fabrics

As of now, there are two main ways of adding wellness properties to fabrics and yarns.

1. Infusing the Healthful Compound into the Fiber Itself

In this technique, active substances are infused into the fabric’s fibers through micro-encapsulation. The wellness properties become integrated into the yarn that will be knit into fabric then made into a wearable item. After the wellness fabric touches the skin, the friction created by this interaction will cause the microcapsules to break and diffuse the well-being substances onto the skin to be spread throughout the body.

2. Applying the Healthful Compound to the Fabric as a Topical Additive

This method of creating wellness textiles involves applying active substances to the fabric as a topical additive. By adding well-being ingredients to fabric coatings that then transfer the substance’s healing properties to the skin, all that is needed to activate the fabric’s healthful compounds are body movement and warmth.

Wellness Fabric Applications

The applications of wellness compounds in fabrics, and their advantages could revolutionize the way many industries function. These are three of the major industries that stand to benefit from incorporating wellness textiles into their everyday operations.

1. Healthcare

Wellness fabrics with coatings for bacteria protection or additives for medicinal purposes can keep both patients and healthcare workers safe. Patients can wear wellness textile items that release healing compounds onto their skin or track vital signs through sensors. Those who work at a healthcare facility can wear wellness fabrics to mitigate the effects of coming into contact with harmful bacteria.

2. Military

Incorporating wellness fabrics into military uniform textiles may help give members of the military the upper hand in dangerous environments. Wellness fabrics with thermoregulating properties can help the body maintain a healthy temperature despite intense heat or humidity. In addition, other types of wellness textiles can guard wearers from foreign bacteria and radiation.

3. Sports and Recreation

Wellness fabric technology can also be used for fitness enhancement or self-care treatment. For those interested in boosting their well-being by increasing their vitamin or antioxidant intake, wellness fabrics can help them maintain a healthy lifestyle through the active ingredients they carry. Some socks with wellness textiles can even detect areas of foot pressure to monitor how far and fast an athlete goes, as well as their form.

To make wellness textiles more accessible for these industries, Apex Mills, a leader in wellness textile development, has already begun applying wellness properties to fabrics. By working alongside Devan Chemicals to produce innovative wellness fabric solutions, Apex Mills has treated several elastomeric fabrics with wellness compounds. Specifically, the R-vital treatment generated by Devan Chemicals to elevate well-being enables fabric manufacturers to enhance their textiles through the application of essential oils, vitamins, and medicinal treatments like CBD. These microencapsulated ingredients allow Apex Mills to create technical fabrics treated with lasting wellness additives for intimate apparel, footwear linings, and home furnishings.

Contact Apex Mills for Wellness Fabric

If you’re looking for a wellness fabric, Apex Mills is an expert in providing large quantities of high-quality, innovative textiles for manufacturers. Thanks to industry knowledge and partnerships with chemical innovators, we can now create wellness fabrics to suit your industry’s needs.

Apex Mills works with customers through our application-driven design process to produce a fabric that meets all of their specific needs and preferences. We believe a problem shared is a problem solved, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to meet your textile requests.

For more information about how we can construct the perfect wellness fabric for your company, contact Apex Mills today.


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