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What Is EcoRich™ Fabric?

A growing number of companies want their products to reflect their commitment to a brighter tomorrow by choosing a sustainable fabric. In response to customer demand, we created EcoRich™ fabric, Apex Mills’ line of environmentally friendly fabrics. This Apex Mills exclusive uses non-synthetic and post-consumer recycled yarns to create high-quality fabrics that you can use in a range of products. We can also employ vegetable dyes or low eco-impact dyes to achieve the colors you want while reducing negative impact onto the environment. What types of industries can benefit from using eco-friendly fabric? Just a few of the possibilities include:

  • Athletic and fashion shoe companies
  • Clothing companies
  • Sporting goods manufacturers
  • Backpack and duffel bag producers
  • Military personnel
  • Any industry that uses custom uniforms

Our EcoRich™ family of fabrics encompasses everything from mesh netting to solid knits and 3D spacers. We are always working to develop new product solutions to assist our customers in meeting their needs. We can even modify our other fabrics to mold them into the EcoRich™ family without altering its performance level.

Why It’s Important to Have Sustainable Fabric

What is sustainable fabric? It is fabric that meets the following two criteria:

  • Made from eco-friendly sources, such as recycled materials or animal/plant-based fibers
  • Created in an eco-friendly manner, eliminating any environmental stressors

Over the years, demands in the marketplace have shifted. Companies have learned that their consumers not only desire well-made and reliable products but also care about the components used to make the product. They prefer to purchase from businesses that are environmentally conscious within their manufacturing processes.

Among the many reasons underlying the importance of sourcing sustainable fabrics is the recognition that it shows that your customers’ concerns are being heard. And at the same time, it allows you the opportunity to make the world a better place by simply choosing to manufacture your products with environmentally friendly fabrics.

Those wondering how to incorporate sustainable fabrics into their products can speak with our specialists to learn more about our EcoRichTM family of fabrics. Our extensive experience contributes to our problem-solving business model. When our customers want eco-friendly fabrics, we provide them with high value and durable fabrics from our EcoRichTM line.

Contact Apex Mills for Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Apex Mills is the best choice for your textile manufacturing needs. We are an American manufacturer focused on providing the fabrics that satisfy your customers. Choosing Apex Mills gives you:

  • Quick response times: Our diverse inventory and close relationships with domestic suppliers help us rapidly address your needs.
  • In-person collaboration: We don’t guess what you want or suggest run-of-the-mill fabrics — we speak with you directly to achieve a thorough and clear understanding of your requirements.
  • On-site development: We conduct research and development at our own facilities solely focused on achieving the attributes you desire.

Discover the difference eco-friendly fabrics can make for your company. Contact us today or fill out our questionnaire form to receive more information.


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