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SPACER DOME PRO – A better engineered face mask


The Spacer Dome Pro Face Mask is patterned after N95 medical masks to create an air space with two benefits that set it apart from typical everyday cloth masks:

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  • The Fabric stays away from the wearer’s lips for greater comfort.
  • It allows the wearer to speak clearly and breathe easily.

The combination of a 3-dimensional spacer fabric and a tightly knit liner provides 4 layers of particle filtration, while lightweight and foldable. For added protection, the integrated pocket allows the wearer to insert additional filter media.

Spacer Dome Pro Face Mask

Comfort and Fit

The Liner fabric is made with micro-denier yarns for enhanced softness and comfort while the behind-the-head strap system is fully adjustable for an individual custom fit. A behind-the-ear strap system will also be available.

Spacer Dome Pro Face Mask has multi-layer protection


Each of its Made in USA component fabrics is an anti-microbial textile employing environmentally friendly, zinc-based technology. The outer fabric has a durable water-repellant finish to stay dry in bad weather and the inner fabric has moisture management capability to provide added comfort. This mask is washable and reusable and will continue to perform after 50 launderings.

Available in black and white. 500 mask minimum order. Logo print and custom colors available.

For retail sales, visit underthedome.shop

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Spacer Dome Pro Face Mask Product Sheet


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