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Rebuilding After Disaster with Fabric Filters

Over the past weeks Texas, Florida and the Caribbean have been pummeled by massive... READ MORE

What is the Berry Amendment, and why is it Important for American Manufacturing?

The Berry Amendment is a cornerstone of United States legislation that has profoundly supported... READ MORE
2017 Wooden Sign with Lights Inside

Apex Mills Welcome 2017

What will 2017 hold for the textile industry? At Apex Mills, we envision the... READ MORE
Fabric spools

Apex Mills Expands Production Capabilities to Support Textile Industry Growth

Apex Mills, a leading warp knit textile manufacturer serving industrial, commercial and military markets,... READ MORE
Light bulb with new ideas

Technology in Textiles: The Future is Here

If you’ve noticed the speed at which technology is growing, you’re not alone. We’re... READ MORE

Back to School, Back to Business in the Textile Industry

October will be a busy month for us here at Apex Mills! We’re looking... READ MORE

Fight Malaria and Zika with Warp Knitted Nets by Apex Mills

Pests are a hazard and a nuisance, but did you know that, worldwide, mosquitoes... READ MORE

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